Meet The Band

Play'n Dirty Studio 3

Joel Carda -Guitar, Vocal

Joel teaches school in his hometown of Boulder and also pinch hits as music impresario when there is a need for backup during school plays and music productions.

Play'n Dirty Studio 2

Shauna Gifford -Keyboard, Guitar, Vocal

Shauna stays super busy taking care of a large medical device sales team when not behind the musical keyboard.  Her other spare time is spent in the mountains with her 3 kids and incredible husband Brian, who also helps the band with sound tech duties during live gigs.


Johnny Shea -Bass Guitar, Vocal

When not playing bass guitar or helping folks pick out the perfect cigar for a special smoke, Johnny goes to work as a Special Education teacher at the high school level.


John Beldock -Drums

In the (other) real world, John plays part time boss at his motorcycle dealership “Erico Motorsports” located in the RiNo Arts District in Downtown Denver.  Play’n Dirty can often be heard working out new tunes and rehearsing when the shop is closed for the night.